Three Goals For Our Clients

Direct Intelligence was built to accomplish three goals for our clients:

  • Prevent wasted advertising dollars
  • Increase market share
  • Build solid customer base for each store

Why Direct Intelligence?

In today’s world, lead generating and customer engagement techniques have changed. Successful marketing has always been about the data; however with our new age of data collection, the manner in which your information is analyzed and implemented is crucial to your success!

Why is Data so Important?

For any direct marketing campaign, the correct list of targeted, potential customers is 80% of the reason for its success or failure. A great incentive, aggressive call-to-action, enticing artwork and captivating message are irrelevant if the consumers who are viewing it don’t have a need for what you are selling.

With our direct intelligence program, we have been able to find value in data that other marketing companies have overlooked. We like to refer to it as the sabermetrics of Major League Advertising.

How It Works

Through market research, historical vehicle data, behavioral tendencies and other proprietary metrics, our direct intelligence program analyzes and builds data files with leads that are most likely to buy a vehicle from your dealership, NOW! Since we have implemented our direct intelligence program, we have seen our national return on advertising investment increase quarter after quarter!

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