Automotive Digital Marketing Services​

Marketing Strategies for Your Dealership

Did you know that Direct Results Marketing has a 93% customer retention rate? For the past 5 years, we have worked with countless automotive dealers who are interested in growing their brands and businesses through our direct response marketing campaigns.

Through direct mail marketing and automotive direct mail to digital email marketing, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we prove that we are one of the top automotive agencies in Houston, TX and beyond. You can trust us to build a marketing strategy that directly influences your sales and helps you build a successful business.

Advertising Agency for Automotive Dealerships

How Can Auto Advertising Help Your Business?

The multi-channel marketing campaigns of Direct Results Marketing were designed for 2 reasons:

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each advertising medium is crucial to building an effective multi-channel campaign.

Digital Marketing

Direct Results Marketing specializes in automotive digital advertising services! What does that mean? We transform automotive businesses with our digital marketing and advertising services and analysis. We are one of the leading automotive digital marketing agencies in Houston, TX, and we are committed to providing our clients with the solutions they are looking for.
Digital Marketing for Car Dealerships in Houston Texas
Direct Mail for Car Dealerships in Houston

Direct Mail

In today’s world, many consumers have numerous email addresses and mobile devices — BUT ONLY ONE PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Not only do they receive mail at that address, but that address also matches a whole slew of data points. Through direct mail marketing and automotive direct mail, we have helped countless automotive companies in Houston, TX.

Multi-Channel Marketing​

Multi-channel marketing is a holistic approach to advertising your car dealership. We analyze your market and ideal customer, and using that data, form a plan that includes different types of advertising to reach new customers, effectively.

Multi-Level Marketing in Houston Texas for Auto Dealers
Facebook Marketing for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas

Facebook Events

Direct Results Marketing will set up a sponsored ad on Facebook with unique art creative and a massive call-to-action that will reach 100-150k unique individuals. These ads generate thousands of clicks, likes, shares and comments.

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