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What is Digital Marketing?

Direct Results Marketing is one of the leading automotive digital marketing agencies in Houston, TX, and is committed to providing our clients with customized and specialized solutions and automotive digital advertising services.

We transform automotive businesses with our digital marketing advertising services and analyses. Direct Results Marketing works closely with you to reach your audience and increase sales.

Digital Advertising for Automotive Dealerships

Why Do You Need Digital Auto Advertising?

In order to gain immediate visibility and results, digital marketing and advertising reaches beyond your existing network to tap into a new and highly-targeted audience.
Our automotive advertising agency can help you build, manage, and optimize a paid media program that maximizes financial return and results. Because digital marketing is considerably less expensive than other marketing methods, ad spend tends to be lower than other forms of marketing.

Email Marketing for Car Dealerships in Houston Texas

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective option to generate new leads. Using demographics you specify, with customizable criteria, Direct Results Marketing reaches who you want to reach, when you want to reach them. Our tailored automotive industry messages provide your customers with beneficial information, which increases open and engagement rates, drives action, and opens the way to more sales. With ever-evolving privacy regulations and the constantly-changing digital landscape, it is more critical than ever to find a partner who understands the technicalities of email marketing and your customer’s needs in order to create effective email campaigns.


Social media is more than just a place to post photos and build relationships with customers. It is also a prime area to generate new leads. With social media advertising, we can focus on your ideal demographic and those customers most likely ready to make a purchase. From ads that help build brand recognition to ads that are linked to your inventory and are automatically updated, we can capture new, real-time leads for your dealership, follow up on an offer, or schedule an appointment with customers who are in a buyers’ mind set.

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealers in Houston
Facebook Marketing for Auto Dealerships in Houston Texas


Display ads offer a great opportunity to meet your customers where they are. Running a display ad campaign places your brand in front of your customers on their favorite websites. Often, this type of campaign has a huge impact in driving traffic to your website or generating calls to your store.

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