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Why Use Direct Mail?

In today’s world, many consumers have numerous email addresses and mobile devices — BUT ONLY ONE PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Not only do they receive mail at that address, but that address also matches a whole slew of data points.

Through direct mail marketing and automotive direct mail, we have helped countless automotive companies in Houston, TX.

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Isn’t Snail Mail Dead?

You may think that millennials aren’t responding to mail, but the data says otherwise. According to the USPS, millennials aren’t just glued to their screens; in fact:

Even more interesting is the fact that the millennial generation is less likely to discard their mail without reading it. 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising and 87% of millennials like receiving direct mail.

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Developing Your Mailing List

The most significant component of any direct mail advertising campaign is the mailing list. Experts say that the quality of your mailing list represents at least 80% of any direct mail campaign’s success. So if you’re sending to the wrong prospects or an outdated or inaccurate list, the chances are good that your campaign won’t be a success. You have to reach prospects who are both interested and qualified for your products and services.

At Direct Results Marketing, we take it a step further. We analyze market data, sales histories, vehicle conversions, etc. through our direct intelligence program.

What Does This Mean?

We create lists that are much more accurate and filled with prospects more likely to buy a vehicle than any of our competitors.

Call Direct Results Marketing today to see how we can build a direct mail campaign that will help you sell more cars than ever before.

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