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At Direct Results Marketing, we approach our business with a laser focus on strategy, customer relationships and unmatched customer service as the essential foundation of all of your client relationships. Our approach helps us deliver sustained, long term growth for our clients, and ourselves along the way.

The auto industry is more of a marathon than a sprint. With that in mind, our company focuses on being your business partner, not just a service provider. Simply put – We have YOUR back for the long haul!

Auto Advertising Company in Houston Texas

Auto Advertising With a Focus on Results and Customer Service

Many auto dealers elect to throw marketing dollars in all directions and simply hope that some of it somehow works, with little or no strategy in deploying their marketing dollars. We believe this is a counterproductive approach that leads to wasted money and time, and that it delivers little in terms of results.

Direct mail, web digital advertising, email e-marketing, mobile and social media:: Effective marketing always requires the right data–and not just any data, but accurate data. We execute using only the most accurate and up-to-date data available. We will accept nothing less. Our data allows us to deploy precision marketing to reach the right buyers at the right time, allowing your business to benefit from increased exposure and sales growth.

Our Direct Intelligence programs target prospective consumers with the right advertising on all of their devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop. It’s crucial to have the best data for that, and we have it. In marketing, the audience list is 80% of the reason for any campaign’s success. This is why we scrub every list and use our own internal historical data metrics to build a list of the right customers, in the right vehicles, who are ready to buy right now.

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