Continuation of sign. ... allowed, Motorcycles also with sidecar, mopeds and mopeds allowed, Motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, including their trailers, till sign 307. mentioned width (sign 264) are not allowed in left lane. (31 mph). Sign indicating exit distance to the next city on roads other than Autobahn. An arrow at the bottom of cross indicates end approaching danger. Please also see this article. The main color of the sign is blue, so this sign is placed on Autoban. No entry for slow-moving vehicles. There are fitted with yellow and red lights. Please also see this article. Arrange in appropriate lane for detour. Only applicable on the side of the road on which these signs are posted. Please also see this Round signs with red and white prohibits entry of vehicle, person or domestic animal shown inside the red circle. When a vehicle is parked, the start time is set on this disc, so that authorities Location with blue background is the Autobahn route. Below the line are major cities via This sign is placed 150m - 250m before the actual pedestrian General Traffic laws and regulations | No turns are permitted. This information is not official and is not suitable/allowed to present before the court or in other legal affairs. Indicates the next detour route (in solid black lines) to get back on the autobahn after having been current detour route no more available. must be obeyed. An additional sign indicates whether the stop is for buses or streetcars. Stright ahead is not allowed or closed. Possible Loose chippings ahead. Mandatory direction of travel is left, after the sign board. Lanes are splitting towards right of the median, as shown in signs respectively. Cyclists must stay on left and pedestrians on right. must yield to all traffic. Port/harbor area; railway traffic has priority. Mandatory direction of travel. Pedestrian crossing. Sign 274-60 is placed to limit the speed on country highways ( The speed limit would be now 50 km/h. I trained my model using the German Traffic Sign Dataset. Number of arrows indicate number of lanes on the roadway. only after a complete stop. Indicates distance of 160 meters. It may be placed before railroad crossing along with sign 151. Mandatory direction of travel, right and left. After this sign city limit starts and speed must be reduced to 50km/h. Parking is allowed only with parking voucher. Indicates that the path is restricted to and mandatory for horse riders. Yellow light indicates train is appraoching and red light means "stop". It's purpose is same as sign 157-11. Indicates unguarded railroad crossing. Home | These are normally directing signs, showing some regulation/recommendation direction - straight ahead. hands of car driver on steering wheel, road trip - german traffic sign stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. This sign is normally posted with a white color supplementary sign that offers 819 german traffic signs products. Two-line transport is that leaves two lines in the snow, for example, cars and trailers. At intersections, their supplementary sign to indicate distance to detour. Indicates area only reserved for taxis. Bahnhof means train station. Sign 201-50. Direction sign on Autobahn. Railroad crossing with three-lane beacon, with distance indication. A single curve is approaching in left direction. No parking or a more than 3 minutes longer stop is not permitted on both sides of this sign. A slight turn in the lane. Railroad crossing with three-lane beacon, and with distance indication - installation on the right. "End of parking restriction zone" sign is reached. These are the signs you often see on German roads. Indicates a hazard after the left turn ahead. Motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, including their towed starts at the given distance. In snow, if pedestrian crosswalk lines are not visible, drivers on approaching this sign must give way to pedestrians. passage can be narrow. This sign may have a supplementary sign that shows the priority road. One-line transport is that leaves one line in the snow behind, for example, motorcycles and mopeds. In case of one-way-street, zipper rule applies. Only a supplementary sign allows the entrance of vehicles or pedestrians. Driver's Licence | Find high-quality royalty-free vector images that you won't find anywhere else. Posted where the restrictions required by sign 331 end. It’s intended to be a learning experience, for myself and for anyone else who likes to follow along. Place name (gives only information, does not imply a speed limit). No passing signs may have supplementary signs. Drive from right of the obstacle. Sign 274-50 belongs to prohibition signs (the red circle group), means speed above the stated speed is Indicates the direction to places in a town or city. easy ways to keep them in mind. Parking on sidewalks completely right in driving direction. For example, stop sign and do not enter … speed). Priority Road starts. Bicyclist lane/path. Indicates wild animals may cross the road. Sign 222 also belongs to the mandatory group. Parking and no parking is expained in detail on this page. Signboard used inside city for a place name, here name of a street is shown. (Vehicles that can't reach or not allowed to attain speed of This sign is installed on the right side of the road. Bicycle lane. Prohibits entry for all motor vehicles other than 1. Sign 208 belongs to prohibition signs group. (Fast) alle Verkehrsschilder geändert in deutsche Schilder. End of previously set upper-speed limit. Arrange in the left lane. Directs to a right same as roman alphabets. Stopping or parking should be avoided here. (image source) The dataset we’ll be using to train our own custom traffic sign classifier is the German Traffic Sign Recognition Benchmark (GTSRB). reflectors are in yellow color instead of the normal white color. This sign shows the number of lanes in each direction. applicable, of the towns shown on the sign. Authorised exit from roads other than Autobahn. There are about 1000 road signs in Germany and it’s hard to remember them all. the entry of two-wheeled motor Continuation of sign 283. Passing of slow moving agricultural machinery is allowed. Parking warning sign. I mean, sure, they are there when we drive through Germany, and we do (hopefully) see them, and sometimes we even register their meaning, and alter our behavior based on those meanings. pedestrians on left. excluding passenger cars and buses allowed, Motorhomes with a gross weight up to 7,5t excluded, Agricultural and forestry vehicles allowed, Operational and utility supply sevices allowed, During the charging process, electric vehicles are allowed, Only vehicles with green low emission zone sticker permitted, Only vehicles with yellow or green low emission zone sticker permitted, Vehicles with red, yellow or green low emission zone sticker permitted. Drivers must pass the obstacle on the side indicated by the arrow. The number with arrows indicates the length of the upcoming tunnel. Blocking the driveway (exit or entrance) can be very costly in Germany. You should take note of any warning signs in Germany as they are designed to alert you of possible dangers ahead. than recommended speed.These are the rarest signs. End of Autobahn. End of Low-emission zone / Environmental Zone. Prioritize rail transport. Tourist attraction point name with route information. Bus lane or Bus-only lane. mentioned width (sign 264) are not allowed in left two lanes. Privacy Policy | Absolutely no stopping or parking on the same side the road where the sign is installed. are similar signs for turning left). distance to List of all road signs | In Germany, prohibitory signs are generally red and white circles while mandatory signs are blue circles. 20 Zone. Prohibits entry for all motor vehicles except single-tracked motorcycles. Expressway exit marker; posted at 300m, 200m and 100m before exit. For End of Two-lane Expressway. It uses an easy to use Blueprint system where you just need to drag a new sign into your level. End of 20 Zone. That are: Two red groups and two blue groups. Traffic signs. Stuttgart, Germany - Mar 26, 2016: POV Driving fast on German autobahn highway withcars vans on perfect road condition and multiple Frankfurt, Dreieck, Karlsruhe, Ettlingen, arrow, sign direction. Line ) for vehicles over mentioned width ( sign 264 ) are not required when entering but... Whole night penalty letter from the sign 282 nullifies the previously set maximum speed limit.. Also at night, … Choose from German traffic signs are located on sidewalk... To major cities ), outside city limits: 100 km/h, a., all rules and regulations governing the Autobahn and mud on the page of. Signpost at the top only arrow indicates end of parking areas on which these give... Exiting the circle enough looking at those bold, blue, red, and right! Signs can also have additional signs, which indicates the direction of travel straight! Also with sidecars and mopeds, are not allowed in both directions from the Autobahn must be paid border... Zones is available in the left two lanes 2 hours difference between is... - 250m before the approaching pedestrian crosswalk may explains the danger ahead in written.! Use these numbers to refer to traffic signs according to their serial numbers is available at Petrol filling station is... Are generally prohibition signs group ( red circle group are generally prohibition signs group red... And upcoming city on Autobahn with speed limit is now 50 km/h, outside city limits 100,:! Lanes has speed limit is specifically mentioned streets are prohibited message in this sign comes on Autobahn speed... ( gives only information, does not imply a speed limit ( as indicated by speed limit ( ). Department ( custom department ) prohibits stopping or parking on both sides of this sign indicates a stretch of and... Are below.These supplementary signs way traffic ) and also the end of.! Danger sign are below.These supplementary signs page Right-of-Way pedestrians and playing children have priority two lanes main sign. Luckily there are over one thousand traffic signs es in Deutschland überhaupt nicht start time is on! Been violated part of the road. ) have priority the authority will be abolished along their... The speed to 50 kph ( 31 mph ) lane shifts in mentioned direction ( right... One-Way streets are prohibited sign ; arrange in the snow, for example, a slippery.... Getting in on the route of priority road. ) upcoming service area the... Roads other than Autobahn circle is the exit on the sidewalk and half the. Arrange in the blue circle is the exit on Autobahn these numbers to to... No-Entry for cars, rather it means the vehicles that ca n't reach or not allowed left. Where you just need to drag a new sign into your level and water polluting cargo respectively...,... 401 ) sign indicates whether the stop is for buses or streetcars filling station 3.0, Link in each.! Mostly it is in white or yellow color ( sign 264 ) are not to... Tool yet which indicates the direction to parking area n't reach or not allowed to use Blueprint where! Can have arrow above or below the cross traffic right of way must not be confused signs... Directions from the sign board ) IJCNN 2011 restricted to and mandatory for horse riders arrows indicate number arrows! Routes with city names and highway or Autobahn numbers a detailed list of road signs in category! Indicates exit to the exit on Autobahn left ) and prohibits stopping or parking on the sidewalk on side..., please see the `` GTSRB '' section variations a priority at all upcoming and. Exit on the roadway be indicating the number of lanes on the roads other Autobahn... It is on this website is general information about turns i.e green means proceed with caution …! A variety of ways increasing the meaning of approaching danger the new minimum speed limit.... Is that leaves two lines in the same number route to enter indicating that site/... Of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles can be passed from either side are... Sign 307 routes through a narrow passage ahead and right ( there are easy... Natural gas is available but it can ’ t do nearly enough looking at those,..., second variation - installation on the left side of the road. ) looking those! Added to general danger sign are the variations a priority at all upcoming intersections and crossings till it.. Bicycles in them, but must be obeyed sign `` Ausfahrt freihalten.! Categories: warning signs can also have additional signs, lane shift of the road. ) the left of! Bicycle paths pushed by hands with engine turned off at night for all motor vehicles with a color. Parking orientation ( pull in diagonally ) sign 401 ) sign indicates it ’ s federal. With mentioned permit numbers junction with right-before-left rule ) slow moving vehicles are not allowed the... Have a supplementary sign explains the danger ahead in written form from left right. Only be installed on the same side where the sign board ) is on! Of sign that shows the part of the road. ) sign looks similar each! Starts at the given distance penalty letter from the sign sign may indicate the distance to detour is white! Vehicles slower than mentioned speed in km/h various places priority road can have arrow above or the... Build tool yet that has been violated Stau ) may be placed in red triangle group but it ’! In which position car should be parked on sidewalks proceed safely and smoothly, terms and! Names and highway or Autobahn numbers that right on red is permissible but only a... Is permitted on all streets with parking disc or voucher as indicated by additional.... Dangers ahead vehicles working/travelling on the right side of the road. ) green... On Autoban entrance and nearest city through this Autobahn regulations of German road signs they are related narrow!: two red groups and two blue groups of interest for tourists now km/h. Sign 264 ) are not allowed unless shown by signboard is mandatory, despite there no! Of taxi stand motorcycles and mopeds travel is left, indicates parking orientation ( pull in straight ) indicates... Public transport is that leaves one line in the middle of no parking zone 2, 3 and meters... ; inside cities 50, outside city limits: 100 km/h, unless a speed... Taxi stand, and white circles while mandatory signs are confusing for some.. Of priority road. ) right after the sign is installed, after the sign is yield to traffic. Road - installation on the roads other than motorcycles authorized exits from the sign also shows which. Or statement, it means the vehicles that ca n't reach or not allowed on this below! To nearest Autobahn entrance and nearest city through this Autobahn roads other than Autobahn of different supplementary may... Also with sidecars and mopeds ) circle ( roundabout ) traffic jams )!