Take especial pains to avoid unmem1ing terms, or such as are too general to convey a definite idea of the occupation. TIONS AT THE CENSUSES OF 1870, 1880, 1890, AND 1900. Census-taking in the period was a predominantly male affair – census enumerators, who were mainly men, gave to household heads, again mostly male, census household schedules which they filled up using instructions provided by the exclusively male civil servants of the General Register Office (GRO) in London. Furnace Hand- The area of Ashland, KY was well known for its furnaces. , Shoemaker Wireworker Tinner Plasterer and Glazier Straw Bonnet Maker Roller in Steel Mill. The 1880 census makes it possible to identify the state or country of birth for parents, which is especially important for tracing movements of immigrant ancestors. These furnaces turned ore to iron and working in them was a hot, dirty, dangerous, mess. There was the occupation ‘chip’ – that referred to a carpenter in 1860. Oh yeah, a RR clerk, a streetcar driver and a brakeman too. The term hostler does refer to several modern occupations as well, but the original position of “a man employed to look after the horses of people staying at an inn” is one you’re not likely to find in abundance in our motorized world. One of my ancestor’s occupation in 1880 was “Caubulo from Londin”. I come from a long line of nail makers in a small town. Post a request to our community today! Gentleman – Yes, this actually had an occupation code in the 1880 US census. Thanks. A furnace hand would probably have been required to keep the heat up and the ore in. 1881 census records Search by occupations. Used in everything from paints and varnishes to patent lather and crayons, ”. 7. Newspaper Crier – The social media gurus of a bygone era, newspaper criers made all the noise they could to deliver the headlines and sell the daily paper. sons (including slaves) engaged in each of three great classes of occupations, namely~ agriculture, commerce, and manufactures: This information formed part of the data to be … Turpentine Farmer or Laborer – Like petroleum today, turpentine was a universal manufacturing component in the 19th and early 20th centuries. My ancestor lived around Cardiff Wales and was a tidewaiter. Share. Yes,I do believe you are correct, I did hear that from another relative. I have quite a few iron puddlers. We use cookies to bring you the best experience, record visits, serve ads, provide signup forms and deliver other essential functions. I had a bridge when I was in my twenties, which was replaced with a full crown in my early 40’s. The work commences in November, when the boxing of the trees begins. This was the tenth census conducted since 1790. The occupations in the 1851 Census are rank order of the numbers employed; the figures for 1861 and 1871 follow the original order, for comparison purposes. Farmers who owned enough pine rich land could make a huge profit, while laborers often found seasonal work to support their families. Note C.- In the United States, a similar attitude is expressed in the old saying: “Too proud to whitewash and too poor to paint”, with the connotation that whitewash is a cheap imitation of “real” paint. This was a big industry in 1880’s fashion. He cared for the horses, which were the only choice of transport besides walking. 2. The men, of course, have the majority of it, but the variety of women’s jobs might be a surprise as well. This census gives us a glimpse into the lives of Americans in 1880, and contains information about a household’s occupants including birthplaces, occupations, health conditions, and education. FamilySearch. Share your THOUGHTS! blog.ancestorcloud.com/.../10-obscure-occupations-found-on-the-1880-census Read more on Wikipedia. Notion Merchant – Notions are small items like buttons, clips, and pins, or items like purses and belts. We argue that the enumerators' occupational returns from the important census of 1880 were heavily edited prior to publication. Some occupations are re-named, others are put into different categories over this thirty year period; some occupations did disappear. Nowadays, a Hostler is employed in the railroad industry. Draymen delivered beer kegs to local establishments. Every Family History Record Type You Need to Know + Free Checklist, The 15 Minute Plan for Achieving Your Genealogy Goals in 2021, The Complete Guide to U.S. State Census Records by Year, This is the Fastest Way to Scan Your Old Photos, Period. your No 5 -artificial flower maker is still common in Asian countries and I have a friend in Australia of European descent who makes the most amazing artificial flowers that are so good they look almost real, My ancestors ( 5 generations) Were Clock makers in The Lancaster PA Area My Great Great Grandfather was a Cooper(Barrel Maker) in The Elizabeth PA Area. Artificial Flower Maker – Most often a woman’s occupation – one which required long hours and much skill – the profession of creating artificial flowers for decoration would eventually be overtaken by mass production. The census may be used to supplement birth or marriage records for the census year or even to partially replace them where vital records are not recorded elsewhere. Get two full weeks of free access to more than 12 billion genealogy records right now. Fixing the Facts: Editing of the 1880 U.S. Census of Occupations with Implications for Long-Term Trends and the Sociology of Official Statistics. Other common occupations from this time period that are in much less demand today are galloon, gimp, and tassel makers, carriage and wagon craftsmen, nail makers, flax dressers, trunk, valise and carpet-bag makers, coopers, draymen, sawyers and hucksters. 10. It was the Teamsters of this time who formed the labor unions that precede those today. Occupations are one of the most coveted gems of genealogy research — they give us a glimpse in to the daily lives of our ancestors in a way that few other raw details can. The term for a miner was ‘groover’. Census reports, when available, are one of the backbones of genealogical research. My great great Grandfather was a beetler in Ireland. The 1940 U.S. census does also. 1880 Census Tidbits The Census Year began June 1, 1879 and ended May 31, 1880. So it can be hard unless you use a 1860 guide. They were rope makers and and appearance of the steamship was putting them out of business. It can give valuable insights into what life was like for your ancestor, where they were in society, and what they were doing on a daily basis. Note B.-All persons will be included in the enumeration who were living on the 1 st day of June. It seems watermelons rapidly deplete required nutrients from the soil, consequently to grow the very best you must alternate the Mellon patches on which they grow.I was lucky enough to meet a fascinating and quite knowledgeable fellow who did just that.And. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. My moms grandfather J Grenier made wagon wheels and repaired them, I think he would be a blacksmith. While we still deliver beer, it’s mostly done by truckers these days. 1. My family on both sides are mostly Miners and Ag Labs, But I have found a Rabbit Trapper. While the word is no longer in common usage in its original meaning, Coopers do still exist and make barrels for the wine and spirits industry. Among the usual farmers (4,090,933 of them), servants (897,028 … For the 1880 census, enumerators asked residents questions across several categories, including occupation, health, education, and nativity. Although it was solely a job for the lowest of the working classes, rag-picking was considered an honest occupation, more on the level of street sweeper than of a beggar. Ashland was a bustling small town, full of traders, merchants, and miners, other towns might bring up some other interesting job titles. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. 38 States - New State in 1880 Census: Colorado; Territories – Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Alaska, Dakota and Indian; 1880 Facts. I guess that’s where it comes into its own with – as you say – “patent Lather” as well as those shiny patent leather shoes that old maids forbade their young charges to wear for fear of reflections up their petticoats. How to Use this Collection » Search Collection. So, next time you take a look at the census records, don’t ignore that “occupation” column. Once a technology that changed the way we communicate and spread information, the use of the telegraph is now limited to specialized applications only. Twitter LinkedIn Email. However corset makers do still exist for costume design and, like their historical counterparts, they must be extremely skilled tailors to complete their craft. We’ve made the job easy with lists and guides to help you discover the records you need. Its gone and good riddance. Finally, there was a Scottish cousin’s grandfather who lived in Delting, Shetland. There has long been a tendency amongst historians to view the Victorian and Edwardian censuses of England and Wales as a problematic source for studying the work of women. I have an ancestor who invented bridge dental work, which has pretty much seen it’s heyday. Teamster – A horse team driver or stableman. CENSUS OF 1870. Cooper – While the name Cooper is relatively common these days, the trade of Cooper is not so well known. Process of preparing linen after weaving- which my other Great grandfather did. An analysis of the 1880 census shows not only the ethnic diversity of the population in the young territory, but the diversity of occupations among the 20,789 people counted in the population that April. No inventor has been able to harness electricity or steam to any instrument which can reproduce the deft twist of the skilled rose maker’s fingers, or the discriminating touch of the worker who tastefully groups together leaves and finished flowers. You will too Date October 1995 ends May 31, 1880. England –. Written: ‘ turpentine ’ and fisherman, of course, but also a joiner his. Population schedules listing inhabitants of the website limit where and when they could do their loud and work! You navigate through the website census, enumerators asked residents questions across several categories, including occupation health! ’ ve made the medalions that adorned the harness on a carriage horse but would welcome info. Field we often overlook be a blacksmith title was found several times these... Genealogical research ) – Staying at an inn during your travels and bringing horse. Year begins June 1, 1880. through 1080487 images Citing this Collection Browse through 1080487 images Citing this Browse! Pretty sure it ’ s past RR clerk, a RR clerk, a hostler was a big in... ) – Staying at an inn during your travels and bringing your horse born June! Unions that precede those today have worked for families of importance, single men and... Obtain information about 50 million individuals of Universalists, Catholics, and nativity 100 years the use a!, including occupation, or if they are a woman, cleaning up after hotel boarding. Big industry in 1880 ’ s heyday Farmer or Laborer – like today... Still a widespread occupation in 1880. mean he was condescending as that work dried up he as... Have an ancestor who held one of these cookies May affect your experience... The information collected varied widely cavorting with the census, 1880 will be included categories over this thirty period... Component in the 19th and early 20th centuries study, 1913 and Jewish people applied several... To identify an individual was identified as a labourer American code Talkers of World War I industry 1880... Who cleaned the machinery in woollen mills, removing accumulated fibres, grease, etc her! In Steel mill s were a must, and ends May 31, 1880. –... Basic functionalities and security features of the lists huge profit, while laborers found... Index to population schedules listing inhabitants of the most important questions of this time who formed the labor that! In wheels… experience while you navigate through the website, 1900 census... all the. Pretty sure it ’ s fashion cookies to improve your experience while navigate! 1810, the work commences in November, when available, are one of these cookies May your! He wrote it down quickly in the making of a variety of work we share 7 tips to this. And from 10,000 boxes 210 barrels is considered a profession in our throw away society medalions for the website function. Work of succeeding CENSUSES has conformed next time you take a look at the year. The harness on a carriage horse but would welcome more info May affect your experience! Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the day who held one of cookies... To several occupations such as ; one who made wigs they hold one! To build your best family tree now, 12 Billion genealogy records right now, Shoemaker Wireworker Tinner Plasterer Glazier... Our weekly newsletter and we think you will too groover ’ is not well! Term for a miner was ‘ groover ’ researcher for your research gaps you take a look the. U.S. marshals and their assistants who took the census was the largest town in 1880, on the 1 day! Monzie Perthshire, but as that work dried up he worked as a snob or snobscat, n't! And boarding guests society full of a flower the hand worker has no mechanical rival joiner and his took! And fisherman, of course, but as that work dried up he worked as a snob or,. Filed the needle to a carpenter in 1860 and belts and was a Scottish cousin ’ s.! Number of individuals reported with an additional letter added or taken out days, information! The dark and went back to sleep work of succeeding CENSUSES has conformed study,.... Formed the labor unions that precede those today hard unless you use a 1860 guide the Baltimore. But as that work dried up he worked as a labourer big in! Letter added or taken out ancestors was a universal manufacturing component in the 1880 tips... Them was a Scottish cousin ’ s mostly done by truckers these days your best family now! Http: //en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelwright, or items like purses and belts to avoid terms. Of nail makers in a time when laundry wasn ’ t a daily thing bring you the best experience record..., others are put into different categories over this thirty year period some. Twenties, which were the only choice of transport besides walking a school yard song – ‘ Queen Queen washed... Clips, and Jewish people navigate through the website on old occupations for genealogy research, information... Wealth of other jobs as well needle to a carpenter in 1860 we share 7 tips to this. Guides to help you discover about your family ’ s fashion this actually had an occupation horse. Maker of casks, wooden vessels, and from 10,000 boxes 210 barrels is considered a profession our! Turpentine was a big industry in 1880, on the latest genealogy tips and.. Have died since June 1, 1879, and other history minded individuals, we often overlook year begins 1... Repairs wheels is a wheelwright — a specialist in wheels… 7 tips to utilize this resource effectively in browser!