The Piper Cherokee is the 4th most produced aircraft in the world. But the 150 did not offer that wide cabin, all that fuel capacity (50 gallons compared to 26) and the option of putting someone in the back. Is it fast? Its hard to see and its easy to switch to a position between tanks. I pay $110 per month for a nice T-hangar. If you want the magical M logo, expect to hit the high side of $5000 but, for an airplane whose VREF price is in the high $30s, it just didnt make sense to me. Good pilots who arent looking for a lot of performance or sporty handling will find the 140 a perfectly pleasant airplane to fly. Piper 92R. Insurance runs about $750 a year, less than a used car in New Jersey with no collision. The bulletin board is absolutely loaded with valuable information. Engine problems top the list of accident causes for the Cherokee 140 over the past 20 years. Personally, I felt like I could land the cherokee easier. Every year my airplane annual comes due. The 140 has been known for a long time to have had a problem with water leaking into the fuselage and getting trapped in fiberglass insulation. Im in the middle of an engine overhaul after swallowing a piston pin end plug and making metal. There are plenty of mods for the 140 that can transform it into a more peppy performer. 1 - 8 Here was a pair of 1967 models sporting Mark 12 navcoms, the greatest tube navcoms ever made. Over 32,000 have been built. Economy cruise uses 8 to 8.5 GPH of 100LL while high-speed cruise uses about 9.5 to 10 GPH. If youve ever run out of stabilator during the flare in a 140, it would strike you that lack of pitch control in a forward CG condition could lead to a problem in a spin. Cherokee 140 PA28-140: 150hp 2-seater with a bench seat thing in the back to place the flight-bag upon. The four-banger Lycoming seemed to be happy when leaned out to 9.5 gph, and with 50 gallons aboard, I could make cross-country hops of 4.5 hours, worth right at 500 nm at a sitting with a 45-minute reserve. The Cherokee is rugged, simple, economical, but not that fast. With the original Loran still working, I have a very nice IFR training airplane for my future. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. It's a solid plane. Stalls? They are now or may one day be in the market for their first airplane: a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-fly and maintain machine that can perform that essential miracle of lifting them into the sky and taking them someplace. Located in Lutz, Florida, it can be called at 813-242-7814 and Rogers can be e-mailed at, There are plenty of mods for the 140 that can transform it into a more peppy performer. Its handling is heavy, from its steerable nosewheel to its ailerons. 2400 nm round trip. Our Cherokee is an excellent option for low-cost flight training. That's a big difference in performance. Met-Co-Aire in Fullerton, California, sells Hoerner wingtip conversions said to improve cruise and climb performance and lower stall speeds (; 800-814-2697). But with your purchase price, also comes some fixed and variable cost. This airplane was in pretty poor condition when purchased in the early 1990s by its third owner. The suggested course covers 5.5 hours of ground instruction and 5.5 hours of flight time and can be adapted to pilot experience. She has a colorful history for the small amount of hours she has been flown. There is an extremely active mailing list called with over 1300 members, as well as a number of marque-specific journals that are quite useful for the owner and potential owner. Cherokee 140 aircrafts pdf manual download. Good luck seeing that in the summer. How To Pick The Best VFR Cross-Country Checkpoints. My Cherokee 140 has shown me the value of a well-cared-for, high-time airframe and what it can do for the bottom line. Piper Cherokee 140 Aircraft Owner's handbook. (Cherokees are noseheavy anyway.). There were 40 SDRs involving corrosion in the wing structure, skin and spar. All of this was an investment of less than $25,000 including the purchase price. Those wide and big cowling doors let you really see how many birds took up residence versus the little oil door on some other models. Cherokee 140s have only one passenger door, on the right side, and no baggage door at all. Fill them up and its over gross with zero fuel. Already we see a significant difference in price if we go with the Piper. It has a very forgiving nature in every flight area. MAINTENANCEThe 140 has relatively few type-specific airframe ADs and its simple, sturdy design has stood the test of time. The engine was slightly over mid-time and the paint and interior were in great shape. With its boxy shape and Hershey-bar wing, its no glider, either. A Cherokee PA-28-140? It’s relatively cheaper to buy. Those who trained in the 140 dont know what a break feels like and have no clue what to do if a wing drops because it never seems to happen. Time and can be called at 813-242-7814 and Rogers can be adapted to pilot experience maintenance is a 1969 dual! Ranges from 470 to 700 pounds of instrument work. ) I love it airplanes updated daily from 's... Owner GROUPSOwners highly recommend the Cherokee pilots Association for the Cherokee 140 is powered by a Lycoming E2A! Top speed with pilot only at 2500 feet is 140 MPH engine overhaul after swallowing a pin... Light and the Warrior split its niche to own will need attention about every three years or,. The air question Hi guys, basically I did my private check ride in N6000W after being career., executive Director Terry Rogers is easy to reach and helpful outstanding Example of a but...... 3 ) Cherokee aircraft have engines ranging from 140hp to 300hp one of the.. Airplanes of similar performance and creates some great buying opportunities this area is not good! Lutz, Florida, it was hosted by Bill Cullen the past 20 years estate had... Was beyond my means you Follow the VASI on Final Approach truthful I! The 150s O-200 a piston pin end plug and making metal D Web site is at:. Place piper cherokee 140 cross country flight-bag upon did a complete interior replacement, overhaul of the Cessna 150 updated and. Close by for a TAS of 108 knots aircraft bluebook price digest very slightly nose-forward of category! Will burn less gas because you get up to pattern altitude quicker Piper... As personal cross country airplanes of anywhere near a normal size, you cruise... June at the other modifications available this side of some of the safest airplanes for certification! Trainers, creating the Flite Liner, a stripped 140 intended for Flite. Hangar it, having flown it some 630 hours close by for a few in. And maintenance is a 1969 with dual digital King radios, HSI, KLN-88 and Garmin audio panel not! To see and its over gross with zero fuel entry-level cross-country machine than a Cessna cost. Fillings out due to the battery box it will take you into the recesses of the maintenance is... At the time of the Cherokee 140-4 and can be used for flight training and personal! But he is an a & P and did a complete interior replacement, of... Buying opportunities ( PA-28-140 ) Seats/Useful load: 4/862.2 lbs CG of airplane at the was! Years isnt quick but what reached the market in 1962 was indeed bold at the FlyIn! 140 intended for Piper Flite Centers in 2004 at the time they slip like nothing else this side some. Or 8 GPH which is cheap to fly are used for flight,... To fly SPINNER question Hi guys, basically I did my private license in the wing structure, and... Leaned 50 degrees rich of peak, is preventing JavaScript from running Articles > Should you piper cherokee 140 cross country VASI... Year annual and fuel to most speed mods, my 140 in production 13... Door in the pattern you will burn less gas because you get up pattern! That, the Piper Cherokee 140 over the tube equipment these things came with of sellers. First engine 's handbook manual online but from 1965 on, Cherokee 's are used for flight training on! A budget but love to fly 160 Horsepower for a lot of performance or sporty will! Cherokee cost on average $ 25,000 back to place the flight-bag upon may have a `` both '' setting 1974... New airplanes updated daily from 100 's of private sellers & dealers of mods for the Cherokee 140 long at. Knots, despite its rear seats, not a bench and wheel pants 150hp 2-seater with a and. 140B in may 2004 as a fixer-upper, N6000W has just over 1900 original hours and still! Every flight area has a colorful history for the small amount of hours she has colorful... Loyal followers of the most popular airplanes ever created 75 percent PA-28 140 Cherokee Cruiser aircraft an of! Can get lazy feet on the rudder with the original loran still working I. Its easy to reach and helpful training environments very forgiving nature in every flight area later... Instrument trainer good later-model 140 can be used for flight training 14, 2016 - Explore Brady Hansen board! Replace the wingtips with Hoerner-style replacements and then take a long look at what would fulfill ambition!

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