Best ROI for Car Dealership Advertising

Humans Live in HOUSES, not WEBSITES

You can certainly still rely on good advertising, if it is done well, across every medium from digital to print to TV/Radio. Wherever humans ARE as they experience the real world.

However, if you listen to digital-only advertising agencies, you’d think that people somehow actually live only online and never experience any TV, or radio, or read any mail they get. In fact, a great deal of advertising is sold to dealerships with the “latest digital” which includes what is now the very OLD idea of “clicks to websites” and relies on confusing terms like “time on site” and “bounce rate” to try and “show you just how effective the advertising is.”

Excuse us??? Advertising effectiveness is always, and has always been, measured by your SALES. What is the ROI of your advertising? THAT is the question of the day, and that is YOUR answer—not Google’s. Or an agency’s.

Everything is NOT digital, and successful dealerships KNOW this fact. Humans watch TV, listen to radio, and they have addresses where they get mail. Millennials are all online ONLY? Hogwash. They are MORE likely to read their mail than their parents! And these are Millennials (and even ten years older) that care about THE MAIL.

Multi-channel approaches that use all relevant advertising mediums work best for dealerships. Digital has a place. SO DOES DIRECT MAIL.

Because direct mail advertising works. Why? Because humans live in HOUSES, not websites.

Want your own great results from digital to direct mail? Contact us at Direct Results Marketing for true, trackable, ROI from ALL advertising mediums.

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