Best ROI For Car Dealerships

Digital “Attribution” is Often Spelled “B-A-L-O-N-E-Y”

Digital-only agencies will talk to you about the magic and murky word “attribution” as if it is exact, but you can understand that word is spelled “B-A-L-O-N-E-Y”. It is trying to answer these question for digital advertising: Who touched the customer? When did they touch the customer: first, last, middle touch? What digital channel did they use? How often?

Well, hmmm: Are the five (on average) digital advertising efforts at a typical dealership going to now split each digital advertising dollar five different ways? Will they accept a check of 20% from a dealer for what they usually get?

No. Of course not.

Alone, digital customer/click attribution is being used to sell you false hope that digital is The ONLY Real Answer to Knowing.

Well, we know that ACTUAL answer of any “attribution” is always from “What is the ROI of your advertising dollars?” Customers are always influenced by advertising—and advertising that tracks that influence is what can show true ROI.

By the way, we also know that digital clicks for advertising have a $14 BILLION+ fraud problem—and growing—each year. It’s big money to tell you that digital advertisers have Found The Holy Grail of Exact Attribution.

They have not. They have found a common American sandwich meat that has been around on our continent since the late 1800’s. And it is NOT reliable for the true measurement, What is the REAL answer? Work with a reliable agency who knows ALL the channels to smartly and effectively reach your customers, from physical addresses to device-specific digital advertising. And knows how to measure the advertising’s influence.

And THAT is how you get true ROI. And great results!

Want your own great results from digital to direct mail? Contact us at Direct Results Marketing for true, trackable, ROI from ALL advertising mediums.

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