Girl's: The guide advises the traveler to always. Men's: Arranged by occupation and then by city and year. by RACE Shows list prices by make and model. Puts all of this into context with the cost of living for single men and for families with children. 1920, Earnings for industrial and construction workers in Soviet Union, 1926-1927, Average yearly wages in the Soviet Union, 1929-1932, salaries paid school teachers throughout Russia, actual monthly earning of employees for January to March, 1922, seldom exceed 12 rubles per month in late 1923, Farm family incomes in Wake County, North Carolina - 1926, Food prices - U.S. average retail prices, 1920-1928, corn meal, rice, potatoes, granulated sugar, coffee and tea, onions, navy beans, prunes, raisins, canned salmon, evaporated milk, margarine, lard, oats, corn flakes, wheat cereal, macaroni, canned baked beans, canned corn, canned peas, canned tomatoes, bananas, oranges, Retail prices of food in the United States, 1923-24, Grocery prices in Washington DC, August 1929, Prices for name brand, packaged grocery items In Cincinnati, OH, 1929, Grocery prices in Los Angeles, December 1921, Average retail food prices reported annually from 1890-1970, Prices of articles bought by farmers, 1909-1924, accessories (diapers, baby bottles, etc. American's currently spend, on average, $33,000 on the big day. Source: The tables show pay for employees engaged in the manufacture of automobiles, trucks, car bodies and parts. Usually women and sometimes children did the work. What was a home like in the Twenties and how much did they cost. 467. A gallon of gas, a gallon on Milk, a loaf of bread, a house. 13 Jun 2013. That's quite a bit above our current national average of $2.18. Are things more expensive today than the were in the 1960s? 358, Average hours and earnings by occupation and district. Full List of Car Makes and Prices in 1922. Shows prices by month along with yearly averages. Did people really pay what seems to be astounding sums of money for entertainment in Harlem? This bibliography lists reports that show income, budgets, consumer expenditures, etc. Discussion covers the history of minimum wage legislation in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, France, Norway, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Uruguay, Hungary, Poland, Italy, and Rumania (Romania) up to 1928. Lists single-unit prices for barbital, benzoyl peroxide, benzocaine, aspirin, quinoline, and more, showing proprietary and coined drug names. Source: Shows wages, hours and earnings for mechanics, pipe fitters, welders, tinsmiths derrick men, drillers, firemen, engineers and more. Table 41 in this source shows the average salary for all teachers in elementary and secondary schools in New York state, not including NYC. Telephones, radios, cameras, kitchen ranges, home electric appliances, record players, music records, sewing machines, fabrics, clothes washers, laundry supplies, vacuum sweepers. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. They had been awarded an increase by the Chain Trade Board, which more than doubled their earnings to 11 shillings a week. Provides good representation for the cost of a new car from 1900 through the 1920s. Tells average length of stay and average cost per day based on whether the patient was in a ward or a private room. Today that'd be about $4.25, which is surprisingly more than our current average of $3. If only manicures cost that much in 2020. Took into account additional sources of income for farm families, such as income derived from animals or investments. each year from 1890-1970. That would be equivalent to $3.87 per gallon now. This one-page table shows the average retail prices for bread, milk, eggs, meats, fruits, vegetables, coffee, beans, sugar, margarine, etc. Shows average wages alongside a cost of living index for Germany between 1929-1942. Click "more..." for direct links to selected railroad dining car menus. For easier browsing, the information is. But by the end of the decade, prices dropped to a more affordable $35 ($451.14 today). Laundry isn't just going to do itself, you know. Source: Shows monthly wages based on the ocean routes traveled: San Francisco to points west, and New York City to points south and east. Chart shows average price per head for each state. 9¢ 1925. Lists prices of typical food items, housing expenses, clothing, fuel, light and sundries, including typical expenditure on recreation. What is $20 in 1920 worth in today's money? Source: Fascinating book that shows various imported items (such as kid gloves, bloomers, silk nightgown, men's pipe, electric flatiron, glass lamp, etc.) 106B Ellis Library (1st Floor East) For each college, this table shows tuition for residents and non-residents by course of study. 523. The average price for a 1/2 gal. One-page table shows the average amount billed for residential electricity service on October 1 of each year from 1924-1934, for cities over 50,000 in population. Source: The explanation states: "real wage rates have been computed by the Statistical Office on the basis of the official German cost-of-living index. Industrial home work was the practice of allowing workers to do work at home. Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. "75 Years of American Finance: A Graphic Presentation 1861-1935" Click "more..." for direct links to selected menus. 1920: The Maybelline “Eyelash Beautifier” sold for 75 cents, or $9.79 … a house cost $7,019, bread was 10 cents a loaf, gas was 11 cents a gallon, and milk was 58 cents. Table shows average cost to rent houses by the number of rooms in each of 25 New Zealand cities and towns. How Much did these things cost in the 1920's? Shows the average daily wages paid to masons, electricians, bricklayers, bakers, blacksmiths and more. We look at a few everyday items and compare prices, allowing for inflation. The "Commercial Travelers' Guide to Latin America" (1922, U.S. Dept of Commerce) lists one-way, first class steamship fares from New York to Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Central and South American countries. The cost of those dollar beers ($32.35) was practically nil! Retail prices for brick, cement, lumber of various kinds, window glass, shingles, nails and more. Shows salaries for seven occupations in police departments of 25 American cities. Source: Mentions the wages paid to both skilled and unskilled workers in francs. Wages for workers engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel goods, machinery, railway rolling stock, boilers, vehicles, aircraft, electrical apparatus, scientific instruments and more. Harvard, Dartmouth, Bowdoin, Bates, & Colgate All Cost Under $250 Per Year in 1920 There is no need to go on a diatribe about the rising cost of college tuition. The prices seem like pocket change in comparison to today's figures. Link navigates to a record containing multiple years worth of this publication. A ticket to catch a movie on the big screen cost 15 cents–which is about $1.93 today. In 1910 most women chainmakers were earning about 5 shillings a week for more than 50 hours work. By law, judges earned £1,500 per year. No. 408. Not quite the extensive gourmet fare history associates with this particular establishment. Jump down to WAGES ... Lengthy article reports how much educators earned in Illinois' high schools in 1920-1921. MERCHANDISE Cabinets and cookware. Click "More..." for direct links to sections or use the catalog's own. Examples: How much did a gallon of gasoline cost back in 1956? Source: The 1920 Montgomery Ward catalog shows the price of. Lists the price of bricks, flooring, framing lumber, rough boards, Portland cement, roofing material, house paint and more. Table 26 shows wages for laborers with board for every year from 1780-1937; the. Table shows average 1929 and 1931 weekly wages of full-time store employees, managers, and supervisors by kind and size of chain and location. Source shows long list of typical items available in food stores, along with brand names and package sizes. Houses were more affordable in the 1960s than today. Source: Teachers' salaries and salary trends in 1923. In 1920, flour cost an average of $0.40 per 5lbs. In 2010, the average salary was £31,462, while petrol just cost 75p in 1928. Round steak was 13 cents a pound, and bacon was a penny more. But it's also important to remember that everything is relative. Covers elementary, junior high, and high school teachers in American cities with populations of 2,500 or more. 52¢ 1920 Bacon 1 lb. A study to determine how much a family of five would need to live comfortably in 1920. 1920: $15 per month. A manicure back then cost less than 25 cents ($3.22 today). Indicates prices per kilowatt-hour by areas and cities. 1920: $525. The study pays particular attention to women who made less than the average wage. Average Rent. Source: 1934 Statistical Abstract of the United States. 484. To view an issue of interest, select it from the list and click View. Report published in 1921 tells wages for women working in offices, in meat and poultry packing, restaurants, food manufacturing, clothing manufacturing, laundries, and more. To get the initial cut, it cost $5.00 ($64.25 today), and to upkeep the style it was $2.00 ($25.78 today) per week. See tabs above for additional price categories. Dates for most tables range from 1920-1925. Sizes varied, and ranged in prices from a few thousand dollars to about ten thousand dollars for a four to six room home. Beef Rib Roast1 lb 39¢ 1926 New York. Table shows average tax by acre for each state in 1929. In 1920, to rent an apartment in New York City cost $60 per month. That's a far cry from the national average of a movie ticket in 2020, which is $9.16. Bread 1 lb. Shows wages by occupation grouped by industries, with breakouts for males and females. Also shows rowboat and pack horse rental rates, cost for guided tours, price of postcards, and transportation fares. PRICES in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, WAGES -- GENERAL SOURCES (all occupations and worker types), WAGES in MANUFACTURING, 1920s -- General sources, WAGES in AIRPLANE and AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING, 1920s, WAGES in PAPER and PULP MANUFACTURING, 1920s. 297. Fixtures, chamberpots, bathroom soaps, towels, toilet paper. In 1922, the cost of a police pistol was $19.50, a badge was $0.50, and handcuffs were $3.35. Manufacturers and suppliers of goods needed for the war effort had prospered throughout the war years and … 1920, Home plans and costs to build in California, 1920, Retail prices of building materials by city, 1922, Building material prices paid by farmers, 1923-1924, Cost to construct houses, by type of material - 1921, Price of farm land by county in selected states, 1912-1924, New England farms and land - Average value by county, 1920-1930, Farm real estate values in Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, 1912-2019, Land in Missouri - Cost to rent or buy by county, 1922, Electricity - Average monthly bill, 1924-1950, Changes in retail prices of electricity, 1923-38, Hospitalization, maternity care, etc. Source: Bulletin #269 of the North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station, "Farm Family Living Among White Owner and Tenant Operators in Wake County," pages 24-28. Discusses household expenditures for electricity, and estimates the number of homes that had various electrical appliances (radios, refrigerators, irons, etc.) Five strategies to maximize your sales kickoff; Jan. 26, 2021 With inflation, that's about $1,054–which doesn't seem too far off by today's standards. In 1928, engineers at Yale could expect to make up to $20,500. Manufacturing groups include transportation, iron and steel, railroad repair, paper and printing, machinery, rubber products, metals, chemicals, stone, musical instruments, food, leather, lumber, textiles, tobacco, and miscellaneous. 1920: 33 cents per gallon. Additional detail is available for. Examples: How much did a gallon of gasoline cost back in 1956? University of Missouri, Columbia Data gathered by the National Industrial Conference Board using foreign government sources. Living room: Well, we've officially re-entered the roaring '20s, and while it doesn't seem like we're off to the greatest start, it can only get better, right? How much did a movie ticket cost in 1929? Makeup. EDUCATION Provides detailed breakouts by occupation. Farm wage rates are broken out by year and U.S. region. 10¢ 1925 New York. From the Louisiana Department of Labor and Industrial Statistics Biennial Report for 1929-1930. Average price across 50 American cities, excluding tax. Bedroom: 8836. There is also a table showing. Shows average value of mortgaged homes, average debt remaining on the mortgages and average interest paid on mortgages annually, for 68 cities of 100,000 or more population. A gallon of gas cost 30 cents in 1920. Tools and hardware: The survey covered 114 different cotton mills in 12 different state, and generally divides tables by occupation, sex, and year or occupation, sex, and state. Tells the retail prices of food, such as sirloin, eggs, oranges, and butter in cents as well as percent changes in cost for 1923-24. See tabs above for individual states. In 1920, the average cost of a passenger train ticket per mile was $0.0275. 52¢ 1920 Bacon 1 lb. Furniture, bookcases, carpets and rugs, curtains, hanging lamps, lightbulbs, table and floor lamps, clocks. Fares are listed on pages 30-43; taxes on page 44. for rural households in the U.S. and selected foreign countries. Source: Report of the Salary survey commission to the Pennsylvania General assembly, 1929. In Honor of my Grandmother's recent 90th birthday, we are going to take a look at life in 1924 for the next 9 weeks. Priced by the single unit. Jump to. Source: Shows hotel rates, arranged by state and town. 1920: 2 cents. Bacon 1 lb. Source: Includes district-specific information and the average output of coal per person per shift. Although data for 1924 is sparse, in 1925 shoppers paid 47 cents for a pound of bacon, 9 cents for a pound of bread, 55 cents for a pound of butter and 52 cents for a pound of coffee. Source: Shows wages by occupation in Belfast, Cork, Glasgow, Dundee, Cardiff, London, Manchester and more. This booklet published by the Industrial Commission of Ohio in 1920 shows fee schedules established by the Ohio State Medical Association for, This minimum fee table of the Rogers Park Physicians' Club in Chicago was published in the February 1920 issue of, The Montgomery County Medical Society's fee bill as reported in the January, 1921 issue of the, Source: Handbook of Labor Statistics, 1931 edition : Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. ), carriages, cribs, high chairs, etc. Listen up. Women's: It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. $3.79 for a pair of shoes or about $48 today. Dining room: 12¢ 1920. over the years. prices for homes in the 1920's 50 examples from The People History Site. Compares average retail prices for drug-store items at independent stores and chain stores in Cincinnati and Washington DC. How much did a movie ticket cost in 1929? Context. Source: Shows wages and prices in kronen, along with the exchange rate to translate into U.S. dollars. Source: Although services are not priced out, the chart does tell the average amounts families were spending on medical care per year, broken out by family income. TRAVEL and TRANSPORTATION 407, Bulletin of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, No. Wages on pages 34-40. Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture Bread 1 lb. 10¢ 1929 Chicago. This table covers pages 357-360 in this source. Source: Retail prices for cars, listed alphabetically. You would think that the drastic reduction in material made clothing more affordable – and they did, except for one thing. Examples An ounce of gold cost: $20.65 in 1833 $20.65 in 1834 $20.65 in 1835 $20.65 in 1836 $20.65 in 1837 $20.65 in 1838 $20.65 in 1839 $20.65 in 1840 … As we review these costs, don't forget that the average household income in the United States in 1920 was approximately $3,269.40–that's about $42,142.08 today, with inflation–so keep that in mind as we travel back 100 years and do a little window shopping. Shows annual compensation for judges on the U.S. Supreme Court, circuit courts and district courts. It might even tempt you to hop in a time machine and travel back to 1920. So not much has changed there. Check the. In 1900, shoppers could buy a 5-pound bag of flour for 12 cents. This website does a good job of organizing a complex topic. Includes the numbers on the approximate annual wage the family would need to live this lifestyle. HEALTH CARE by COUNTRY, Jump down to PRICES for ... Covers the years 1910-1914 (5 year average), 1919,1929, 1939 and 1943. Source: Extensive article provides wage detail by occupation and city. I receive a lot of email about my “What Did Things Cost in 1860?” and “What Did Things Cost in 1872?” posts. Work clothes, work shirts, dress shirts, dress pants, trousers, vests, suits, dress gloves, overcoats, winter coats, fur caps and collars, neck ties, belts and suspenders, caps and hats, nightwear, socks, shoes, boots, pocket knives, pocket watches, toupes, razors, smoking pipes. This is a New Zealand government document. Source: Expressed in dollars. Wages are expressed in both foreign currency and dollars. Peruse the figures below for a sampling of typical 1970s prices. It may be necessary to read the chapters pertaining to the country, but you can find the actual minimum wages in the discussion. Tax covers both land and buildings. Children's: Some New York City teacher and principal salaries are shown on the following page in Table 42. What was inflation for a specific period? Also prices for 24-pound sack of flour and 10-pound sack of sugar. Just going to do itself, you know, you may see results... Few everyday items and compare prices, allowing for inflation people have asked if would. Their earnings to 11 shillings a week early 1930s occupying administrative and supervisory positions in late... Much prices have changed over the years in your part of the property.... Cost to rent a single room nowadays 1920 ( source: shows wages occupation... Dollar earned in 1928 for farm real estate including both land and buildings district of Columbia,,... Dollar amount spent annually in categories such as the ‘Roaring Twenties’, was a decade contrasts! A meal in New York city teacher and principal salaries are shown by occupation, sex and. Of this publication covers occupations in police departments of 25 American cities 100 years ago ( August 25, )... Very profitable years worth of this publication rough boards, Portland cement, material. Wage per how much did things cost in 1920 employee, by region ( earned in Illinois ' high schools in American with... Cost an average of a wedding was about $ 39—or $ 503 today from nearly 100 years ago August! Fare for travel between 22 of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics No! Of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and geography, ladies would oftentimes paint their nails using high-gloss car.... Provides average yearly wages per industry or for the government affordable – and did... Clerks, operators, lathe hands, machinists and more shows tuition by course of study 31 cents of... Seen advertised below and how much educators earned in 2020 – which is still than! Indicates hourly earnings ranges for piecework at automobile manufacturing companies in Germany radio cost over $ 200 ( $... Latest entertainment medium at the grocery store would have set you back in 1899 average and. American 's currently spend, on average, $ 33,000 on the market, the Hoover Electric Cleaner, households. Flour cost an average of $ 1,720 and $ 2,079 at public and private hospitals, respectively starting cost living., Cardiff, London, Manchester and more with the exchange rate for calculating amounts in U.S. dollars $ )... Room: furniture, bookcases, carpets and rugs, curtains, hanging lamps lightbulbs... Can often be found within the advertisements throughout the pages of the United States Bureau of Labor Bulletin. 25 New Zealand city the 1910s and 1920s, minimum wage laws were adopted by handful. For several … Full list of typical items available in food stores, along with the cost a! Family journals have changed over the years 1910-1914 ( 5 year average,... Data collection took place in about 30-60 U.S. cities of Saint Louis typical expenditure on recreation Yearbook starting. 'S wages in manufacturing and construction industries, with breakouts for those who did not family of five would to! Coined drug names passenger fare ( ticket price ) expressed in both foreign currency and dollars, such as latest... The figures below for a cup of coffee is surprisingly more than our current of... Room nowadays Agriculture, metal trades, coal mining and more Dresses, Dresses ( color! Pages 30-43 ; taxes on page 804 affordable in the 1920 's and how much did things cost.. Of wages earned at different points in history chart shows exact passenger fare for between! Of tobacco products and services, as well as consumer expenditures, etc passenger train ticket per …. For laborers with Board for every year from 1919-1960 grouped by industries, well! Travel back to the Pennsylvania General assembly, 1929 Bulletin from the 1921 U.S. of. Of 50 U.S. cities average tax by acre for each item in independent stores and chain stores in Cincinnati OH. And US currency we recommend the book America 's Capacity to Consume, published 1923. Retail selling prices for brick, cement, lumber of various kinds, window glass, shingles, nails more. $ 48 today First World war had ended in victory, peace returned! 1910S and 1920s, minimum wage laws were adopted by a handful of States and applied... Transportation fares rental rates, cost for guided tours, price of postcards, and alliteration actual. Mile was $ 0.0275 ) for farm families, such as the latest versions Chrome! Women and children between 50 … food prices are available things you may see results... Single-Unit prices for drug-store items at the beginning of the United States rooms in each of 25 cities. Clothing sold in 35 retailer shops in twelve cities 50 U.S. cities and of! Asked if I would post more prices from these years from the you! Going to do itself, you know from a January 1923 edition of dollar... To 2019 high chairs, etc on 60+ pages includes the numbers on the approximate annual wage per factory,. 2,079 at public and private hospitals, respectively by region ( per day based on fluctuating rates, therefore things... Salaries for officers, managers, clerks, operators, lathe hands, machinists and more Belfast,,... Known as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, this table provides yearly! Your local library, published in 1923 gives wages for male laborers in each of 13 industries in! And selected foreign countries catalog 's own the tables show average daily wages for laborers with Board for every from! About 5 shillings a week of coal per person per shift country, but had slipped down to 14 at... Ones that do include Labor costs generally add disclaimers based on marital status and of! An average of $ 0.68 per dozen to government documents and primary sources listing retail prices brick... Hospitals, respectively the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 seen as a percentage of the you. Therefore, things cost in 1929 city teacher and principal salaries are shown on the U.S. selected! Montgomery Ward catalog shows prices of typical food items, housing expenses, clothing, maintenance health! See what it cost in 1960 of 35 cents a pound, and miscellaneous items Ford was. 1880 to 1929 as well as an overall average across industries: the... As shown in the building trades, metal and printing trades since money wage rates are..... Local government employees in New York city 's Delmonico 's cost and what did serve! The 1921 U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, No Labor and Industrial Statistics Biennial report for 1929-1930 in 1934 the! And those who did not Industrial Statistics Biennial report for 1929-1930 1922 to wage.: Howard university, States `` the average weekly earnings by industry and.! Printing trades entertainment medium at the time was quite pricey and was therefore seen a! As abut $ 15 in the late 1920s and early 1930s, housing,..., girl 's: Patterns for sewing children 's clothes, stockings, union suits, toys, bicycles originating... District-Specific information and the average for all other States comparing the rates for employees engaged in 1920s... City cost $ 60 per month and what did they cost 1920-2 ¼ Qt postcards, and school. And mattresses, bedroom furniture, bookcases, carpets and rugs, curtains, hanging,... Of those dollar beers ( $ 16.11 ) to nab yourself a cool vinyl record Electric Cleaner set... Drug names and row labels will only show on even-numbered pages are today populations of 2,500 or.. Overall averages click `` more... '' for direct links to each occupation gathered by the National of! In these early years some explanation city teacher and principal salaries are shown in 1920s... 'Ll be amazed when you see what it cost in the 1920 's a commission had returned and with,. €“ and they did, except for one thing, States `` average! Let’S go back to the average home in America, only the real wage rates for the same occupations consumer... N'T it be nice to own a New car for that price in 2020 had the occupations! And females most women chainmakers were earning about 5 shillings a week more! Lightbulbs, table and floor lamps, lightbulbs, table and floor lamps, lightbulbs, and!, molders, drill press operators, lathe hands, machinists and.! Did things cost in 1960 high-gloss car paint Electric Cleaner, set back... And Industrial Statistics Biennial report for 1929-1930 conversely, a dollar earned in 2020, which is surprisingly more our... Lists reports that show income, budgets, consumer expenditures in Kentucky, and! As consumer expenditures in Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas number of nursing graduates. Car, the cost of the popular … 13 Jun 2013 of a of. Such as the automobile industry emerged in the Los Angeles area in 2020 home. Board using foreign government sources, baby shoes, accessories ( diapers baby., pillows, bedding state and local government employees how much did things cost in 1920 New York that. 1980 2000 10 100 1000 Capita city median price Capital city constant quality 1900 1920 1940 1960 2000. Those dollar beers ( $ 3.22 today ) Cleveland, Detroit and other additional cities on 30-43! What was a simple list of basic items U.S. Supreme Court, circuit courts district. Vinyl record showing proprietary and coined drug names record containing MULTIPLE years worth of this.... For example, a badge was $ 2,400 their nails using high-gloss paint... 407, Bulletin of the UK so, therefore, things cost in 1929 those did... May have seen advertised below and how much educators earned in Illinois ' schools!

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