There is always a free 'gift mix' of seeds included with the order which yields many fun surprises. Sowing indoors means using a proper seed starting mix , and … It is very important not to over water or the seed, or seedlings will quickly rot. More information Growing Delphiniums from seed and caring for them - Dowdeswell's Delphiniums Product ID: 1488. Delphinium is a perennial flower that blooms in early to mid summer with tall spikes of blue, purple, pink, lavender and white flowers. Product ID: 1488. Safe Seed … Morning Lights, mauve/pink New Zealand delphinium seeds for sales - Dowdeswell's Delphiniums. You get 2 fresh seed of New Zealand Delphinium Cobalt Dreams seeds. 2 years ago I put some in my 'experimental' garden, no special attention, and they bloomed the next spring. Plant the delphinium root ball outside in the late spring. Your first crop of Delphinium blooms will, in this climate (Mass. I was amused when I ordered one packet of seed and received two in about Jan or Feb, 2012! The seed drops on the ground, the wind covers it lightly with dust, and moisture and sunshine do the … They have tons of really detailed info about growing delphiniums. A white one also caught up just at the end of the season. Hardy in zones 3-8. It is a great fit for rustic gardens and a great companion for lower growing flowering plants. The plant opens tall flower spikes packed with deep blue florets. View full-size image. I grow hundreds of seedlings every year, and this is the best seed company I've found. This is the best white for the back of a border. 1 - 3 of 3 100%. Also, be sure to keep the potting mix or soil moist. White, central bees surrounded by soft mauve/pink outer petals, echo an early morning sun shining through Positive: blueming Seattle, WA (1 review) June 5, 2009: I have been ordering seeds and growing Dowdeswell's Delphinium annually for over 12 years. Prices are very reasonable, shipping is prompt and customer service is attentive. The breeding of mini or dwarf delphinium varieties (see above) has increased the popularity of potting delphiniums. White, central bees surrounded by soft mauve/pink and blue outer petals, echo an early morning sun shining through the mist. Plant Delphiniums Seeds: Sow seeds in cell packs or flats, press into soil, fully cover. Turns out the seed can be ordered direct from New Zealand! Much has been written regarding the difficulties encountered in growing Delphiniums from seed. Can't wait to see my "Gift" seeds that were the surpise included in the order. Its strong stems easily hold aloft the many spires of densely clustered florets of … Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Widest color range in a Dwarf Pacific type. Delphinium seeds quite a few years ago and they sat in my seed box. See more ideas about Delphinium, Planting flowers, Perennials. Seeds for Garden Delphiniums These are our most robust garden plants which have been selected for their thick stems, disease resistance and reliable performance, as well as their beautiful flowers. Plants raised from their hand pollinated seed … Add to Cart. document.write("